Types Of Players in Online Poker

Poker is a game played all over the world and when you are sitting at a poker table you will find players from different types of playing styles. We will discuss here the types of players and some basic betting concepts. Let’s start with the first type of poker player that is

a) Tight-aggressive (carefully aggressive).

This type of player plays very few hands preflop, but when someone is playing very aggressively. Decisions are made mainly in terms of the hand they have and how to play the opponent. The best way to play against these players is to track the style of play to understand and use it against them. Changing the style of play often when playing against these players.

Firmly aggressive is the type of game that would need to be used at the beginning of the tournament.

b) Hyper aggressive

These players like to bet, raise or raise again bandarq. They are the ones who are leaving early in the tournament or have a big stack to finish the tournament. These players can be a problem, especially if you are left on the table. To play with these types of players, you must narrow your selection. When you catch a good hand on the flop trying to slow down the game in front of these types of players. In final NGA placements (when the blinds are too high), you try to become that type of player to steal as many blinds.

c) Telephone Stations

They never think about what their opponents might have. Don’t show too much aggression and would rather pay than raise. It is difficult to read these players as they call only with any one pair hand, 2 pair in some cases, even the straight or the flush (if the board books can make a better match for them). Be very careful not to bluff in front of these players.

It is best to have a solid game, avoid complications and do “tricks” against these players. Try to prevent these players from stealing your blinds.

d) Loose

Weak players bet or raise with any hand, mediocre in any position. They will remain in every hand until the showdown, expecting a straight / color on the river and will pay to see all the cards. This player usually loses more than his long-term gain.

e) Tight week

These players are dealt most cards preflop, but playing a card means it is a prize. So these players are very easy to read, probably the easiest. Against these poker players, you should always bet on the flop, because in 2 of 3 cases they connect to the flop. When you get money or almost money to make these players play, it is usually so tight that you can steal their blinds. Ideally, these players will be on your left to make this move.

On low-stakes Sit and Go sites, most players are poorly trained and have not adopted this strategy to play ABC poker with them. Players are the most superstitious people in the universe and their chances of winning depend on the type of player.

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